Four Seasons:Cantonese and Seafood Cuisine


Located on the second floor of the main building of NGCC Golf Hall, NGCC Four Seasons Restaurant provides a panoramic view of the golf course, and, of course, Yuyu Yang's sculpture works around the fairways. Guests can also enjoy stunning views of Taiwan Strait at sunset or beautiful mountains and villages in the evening.

Prepared by a team of the world's top chefs, the authentic Cantonese cuisines of Four Seasons are served as set meals for banquets or à la carte.

There are four private rooms that can be either used independently or jointly. Moreover, there is also a ballroom that can accommodate 250 people for dining at the same time, and it is especially wonderful for holding banquets. Whether it is for gathering of family and friends or for golfers’ after-game get-together, Four Seasons Restaurant is definitely the best choice if you are looking for attentive services and extraordinary dishes.
Business hours:10:30-21:00
Last ordering accepted:19:00

Service line:037-741166#3236

片皮櫻桃鴨【Sliced Roast Cherry Duck】

We choose 75-day-old cherry ducks farmed by special technology and use only the big, meaty, tender, and juicy duck breast for the dish. The duck breast is roasted for an hour until the skin has obtained its signature golden brown color with a caramel-like glossy shine. Aside from serving the roast duck breast in its original flavor and taste, guests will also enjoy the stir-fried duck meat served with fresh lettuce. For this dish, duck meat is chopped to pieces, stir-fried with yellow onion and seasonal vegetables, and then sprinkled with sesames before it is served with lettuce. The flavorful duck meat mixed with the nutty aroma of sesames and the crisp lettuce is a mouthwatering treat on a breezy summer day.

To try our sliced roast cherry duck, please order it in advance because of a limited quantity every day.
※Reservation required
※Service line:037-741166 ext.3236
※Adjustments may be made for special holidays, events, or price changes. Please refer to the information provided on site.